Corporate Training

Core Medical Skills Course for Basic Physician Trainees

  • Hong Kong College of Physicians mandatory course for Basic Physician Trainees admitted from Jul 2020
  • To provide standardized mandatory skill- and scenario-based training such as chest drain, airway management, and etc.
Core Medical Skills Course for Basic Physician Trainees

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Critical Management Course

  • Target for clinical teams in HA involve in ECMO therapies i.e. Anaesthesia, ICU, Medical, etc.
  • To reinforce clinical skills for management of complications of patients treated with ECMO through scenario-based training
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Critical Management Course

GI Endoscopy Multidisciplinary Simulation Training (GIEMST)

  • Hong Kong College of Physicians Mandatory Course for GI trainees admitted from Jul 2020
  • Also target for endoscopy nurses with central enrollment via IANS
  • Format: Skill training and scenario-based training
GI Endoscopy Multi-disciplinary Simulation Training (GIEMST)

Intern Boot Camp Simulation Training

  • To introduce junior doctors with (1) Hospital Authority’s safety culture and the key elements of patient safety, (2) simulation scenario-based practice and the importance of human factors in everyday clinical practice
  • To equip junior doctors with common bedside procedures, inform consent, handover, patient and patient’s care communication and team working skills
  • Format: Scenario-based training
Intern Boot Camp Simulation Training

Intern Orientation Training Program

  • To induce junior doctors’ awareness of risks in clinical practice and enhance patient safety by developing effective strategies and communication in critical moments
  • Format: case discussion and simulation for essential clinical skills
Intern Orientation Training Program

Procedural Sedation Training

  • To better equip doctor participants’ knowledge and skills of procedural sedation safety
  • Emphasize on the safety aspect of procedural sedation, anticipation and handling of crisis that may potentially arise
  • Format: Pre-reading, problem based learning discussion and scenario-based training
Procedural Sedation Training

Tracheostomy Training for Doctors and Nurses

  • To better equip participants with knowledge and skills in (1) managing & apply different tracheostomy accessories, (2) troubleshooting acute tracheostomy crisis & complications, (3) enhancing multidisciplinary approach to tracheostomy care/management
  • Format: Pre-reading, skill stations and scenario-based training
Tracheostomy Training for Doctors & Nurses

CRM Training

  • Adopted from aviation safety training to enhance patient safety
  • Introduce solutions to risks brought by human factors
  • Format: Classroom- and Scenario-based