Foster a culture that promotes patient safety through the use of simulation training


Develop quality improvement activities based on human factors skills and techniques

Directors & Nurse Coordinators

CSTC Director Dr. LEUNG Yuk-wah, Natalie
CSTC Deputy Director (Medical) Dr. Daniel WONG
CSTC Deputy Director (Allied Health) Mr. CHEUNG Hang, Thomas
CSTC Deputy Director (Nursing) Ms. HO Hau-sim, Eva
Nurse Coordinators Ms. CHUNG Mei-ki, Maggie
Dr. SO Hang-mui
Mr. TSOI Shing-chi, Tacko

CSTC Program Directors

CRM Classroom Program Dr. LEUNG Yuk-wah, Natalie
Dr. CHAN Pui-yin, Pierre (Deputy Director)
CRM Simulation Program Dr. CHOI Yu-fai
Intern Program Dr. CHOI Yu-fai
Core Medical Skill Course for Basic Physician Trainees Dr. LEUNG Yuk-wah, Natalie
GI Endoscopy Multidisciplinary Simulation Training (GIEMST) Dr. CHAN Pui-yin, Pierre
Procedural Sedation Training Dr. LEUNG Yuk-wah, Natalie
Tracheostomy Training for Doctors and Nurses Dr. LEUNG Yuk-wah, Natalie
Ms. HO Hau-sim, Eva
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